Distribution and Contacts Lists*

*Last Updated: April 2017

Academic Affairs Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists are maintained by the Office of the EVC. Contact Dawn Fontellio at dfontellio@ucsd.edu or call x4-3130 for any questions.

The "-l" that precedes "@" in most addresses is lowercase "L" and not "one"

deans-provosts-l@ucsd.edu GC Deans and College Provosts
gc-deans-l@ucsd.edu GC Deans
gc-deansassts-l@ucsd.edu Assistants to General Campus Deans
gc-assocdeans-l@ucsd.edu General Campus Associate Deans
provosts-l@ucsd.edu College Provosts
provostsassts-l@ucsd.edu Assistants to College Provosts
gc-chairs-l@ucsd.edu General Campus Department Chairs & Section Chairs
gc-chairassts-l@ucsd.edu Assistants to General Campus Department Chairs and Section Chairs
gc-deptmso-l@ucsd.edu General Campus Department MSOs 
gc-grad-progdir-l@ucsd.edu General Campus Directors & Coordinators of Graduate Programs
gc-ug-progdir-l@ucsd.edu General Campus Directors & Coordinators of Undergraduate Programs
gc-asstdeans-l@ucsd.edu Divisional Assistant Deans
program-mso-l@ucsd.edu MSOs of Organized Research Units (ORU) and Programs, including the Library and Extension

Other mailing lists maintained elsewhere that might be useful:

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