Guidelines for Using Conference Room 111A


  • Reservations are subject to cancellation or revision based on the needs by priority users such as the Chancellor's Office and Vice Chancellor offices.
    • We make every effort to avoid cancellations and this would "normally" be necessary only if the previous reservation was booked well in advance of the actual meeting date, however, press conferences, media events, i.e., can often be scheduled on very short notice.
  • A department recharge/index number will be required to secure a room reservation.
    • There is no charge to use the room, however, if it is necessary for us to contact Facilities Management to reset the room or put away extra tables and chairs left around the room, then the department will be charged for this service. If any excessive cleaning of the carpet, extra garbage, kitchen area, etc. is needed, this service would also be charged to your department. Contact Facilities Management to arrange for garbage pick up when the room is reserved for a weekend event.
  • Users of conference room 111A will find the room in the "default" conference square setup.
    • If users change the room setup, it MUST be put back in the default setup at the end of their meeting. The reservation time the user requests MUST INCLUDE 30 MINUTES SET-UP AND 30 MINUTES BREAK-DOWN TIME so that persons scheduled for meetings after yours are not delayed in starting their meeting on time.
  • User is responsible for Room set up before and after your meeting.
    • Additional tables and/or chairs can be rented from outside vendors. If less tables are needed, tables and chairs can be folded and stacked in the kitchen or behind the curtains. The room should always be returned to the default setup.

NOTE: "NO" extra chairs or tables are to be left in the room. They must be neatly stacked in the kitchen. Items stacked in the kitchen must not obstruct the entrance into the kitchen area.

  • Room Setup
    • If user does not find the room in the "default" conference square setup, go to Room 105 at the Executive Vice Chancellor's Office before your meeting so that the scheduler can recharge the previous user. The user is not however released from their responsibility to clean the tables and room and return the room to the "default" conference square setup at the conclusion of their meeting.
  • Technology
    • User is responsible for making arrangement for Audio/Visual equipment. User will need to submit a request. There is a flat screen monitor and phone line in the room but no phone. Contact Information Technology Services (ITS) to request phones, teleconferencing at or (858) 246-4357 or on-campus ext. 6-HELP.
  • Catering
    • UCSD Catering can provide food or refreshments for your meeting. If catering will arrive for set-up outside of your reservation window, please incorporate that into your reservation request.


  • The EVC Office will program its OMNI Lock system to have the room unlocked.
  • If you have Conference Room 111A reserved outside of normal business hours of 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday and find the room locked the day of the event, please contact Gregory Depeder at Facilities Management at office: 858-822-5598 or cell phone: 858-732-2828.


  • For specific room setup, contact Facilities Management;
  • All lights (including the projector) should be turned off when not in use;
  • Kitchen door must remain unlocked;
  • After use, Conference Room 111A must be put back in the default setup;
  • Pick up any trash and clean any surfaces or areas that are messy;
  • The temperature in the room is pre-set--please do NOT adjust the thermostat.



  • 16 rectangular folding tables (2 x 5)
  • 32 rolling chairs
  • 40 stacking chairs
  • Podium
  • Trash cans
  • Network and phone connectivity available
  • Kitchen area
  • Storage room
  • 80" Flat screen monitor for presentations with VGA & HDMI video connections, along with standard 3.5mm audio connection to external mounted speakers.

Room Setups

DEFAULT - CLOSED BOX - seats 24 (Room diagram)

  • This is how the room should be left after each meeting
  • 12 tables (three on each side of the square) with 2 teal chairs at each table

LECTURE STYLE - seats up to 64 (30 teal chairs and 34 stacking chairs)

  • chairs lined up in rows, facing large map

OPEN U - seats up to 30 (Room diagram)

  • can be made as long or short as desired
  • can also seat people on inside of U and outside, if desired
  • can be made to fit up to 30 comfortably, more if you use extra chairs along the walls
  • REMEMBER, if you use banquet tables or other tables and chairs around the room, they must be removed at the end of your meeting.

SMALL RECTANGULAR - seats up to 12 (Room diagram)

  • 6 tables with two teal chairs at each
  • rest of furniture should be moved into the storage closet, or stacked neatly in kitchen area (as long as it doesn't block entry to the kitchen)


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