Strategic Academic Program Development

UC San Diego has launched the Strategic Academic Program Development (SAPD) Initiative in response to the changing landscape of higher education. An increasingly competitive environment, evolving learner demand, financial pressures at the state and federal levels, and technological advances all require that universities expand the variety and modalities of educational programs we offer.

Over the past year, under the leadership of Dean Peter Cowhey, a cohort of faculty and staff have engaged in an effort to consider these changes and develop an agenda for action. Those deliberations clarified the imperatives that will guide our campus' decisions-the need to develop programs that collectively meet student needs, enhance UC San Diego's reputation in research and education nationally and internationally, and grow institutional revenues to sustain investments in the education and research enterprise. The group made a number of recommendations to the Chancellor and EVC for how our campus might respond; based on many of those recommendations we are prepared now to work towards implementation.

We have learned from peer institutions and campus experts that we must provide substantial support to faculty engaging with these new educational opportunities. To that end, we have established an SAPD Support Team (SST), a group of technical professionals, assembled from across the campus, charged with providing integrated business development support to faculty, departments, and divisions/schools that seek to launch programs within the SAPD Initiative. Dr. Williams Ettouati has been appointed to lead the SAPD Support Team (50% time) as Director. He and the SST will be key resources for faculty and academic units as we move forward.

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