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Erasing Opportunity Gaps Using
Collective Impact

January 27, 2022


Just as we have successfully worked collaboratively to continue our educational mission during the pandemic, we should continue our collaboration to close opportunity gaps in our campus community for staff, faculty and students. Let's discuss how we can continue working together using the Collective Impact framework to make a greater impact on our campus, for our campus. 

Click here to view or download a copy of the opening session
and lightning talk slides


Breakout Rooms

Collective Impact 1
Collective Impact 101: Covering the Basics

Collective Impact 2 
Collective Impact: Operationalizing the Framework

Undergraduate Experience 1
Affordable Learning and Mentoring for All

Undergraduate Experience 2
Scaling Undergraduate Research & Internship Experiences and Summer Bridge

Graduate Experience and Inclusive Pedagogy
OAR^2 and Inclusive Pedagogy

Continuous Improvement in Operations
ESR Tiger Teams/Center for Operational Excellence

Developing Equity-Minded Practices and Structures
Identifying Opportunity Gaps via Academic Program Reviews and Latinx/Chicanx Excellence Initiative

Emerging Areas of Impact
Art Strategy, Designing Futures and Proposed School of Computing Information and Data Science