EVC Reporting Units

The Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer for UC San Diego. In consultation with the San Diego Division of the Academic Senate, the EVC has oversight for academic planning and programming, the development and implementation of academic policy, and the academic personnel process. The office has responsibility for General Campus academic units, on and off-campus instructional activities, and instructional support programs. The EVC and her team work to advance the goals of UC San Diego’s strategic plan, which emphasizes our commitment to excellence in education, research and public service, and the pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Academic Affairs encompasses seven academic divisions and professional schools (Division of Arts and Humanities, Division of Biological Sciences, Jacobs School of Engineering, School of Global Policy and Strategy, Division of Physical Sciences, Rady School of Management, and the Division of Social Sciences), two Vice Chancellor units (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Student Affairs), critical academic support units (The Library, Graduate Division, Undergraduate Education, The Teaching + Learning Commons), six undergraduate Colleges, Enrollment Management and University Extension.

Administrative and Academic Support Units

Vice Chancellor Areas

Divisions and Schools

Dean: Cristina Della Coletta

Departments: History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theatre & Dance and Visual Arts

Programs: African American Studies, African Studies, Basic Writing Program, Chicano/a and Latino/a Arts and Humanities, Chinese Studies, Classical Studies, Environmental Studies, European Studies, Film Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, Japanese Studies, Jewish Studies, Korean Studies, Middle East Studies, Program for the Study of Religion, Russian, East Europe & Eurasian Studies, Science Studies, Third World Studies

Centers: Center for the Humanities, Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, Center for Hellenic Studies, Institute of Arts and Humanities, Center for Urban Ecologies

Dean: Kit Pogliano

Sections: Cell & Developmental Biology, Ecology, Behavior & Evolution, Molecular Biology and Neurobiology

Centers: Biomedical Genomics Laboratory (BIOGEM), Center for Circadian Biology (CCB), Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior (CNCB), The Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind (KIBM), California Center for Algae Biotechnology (Cal-CAB), San Diego Center for Systems Biology (SDCSB), UC San Diego Natural Reserve System, UC San Diego Stem Cell Initiative, Food & Fuel for the 21st Century (FF21)

Dean: Peter Cowhey

Programs: Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Master of International Affairs (BA/MIA), Master of International Affairs (MIA), Master of Public Policy (MPP), Master of Chinese Economic and Political Affairs (MCEPA), Master of Advanced Studies in International Affairs (MAS-IA), The Ph.D. in Political Science and International Affairs

Centers:21st Century China Program, Center on Global Transformation, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China, Institute for Global Production and Innovation, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology, Korea-Pacific Program, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation, Policy Design and Evaluation Lab, and Science Policy Fellows Program.

Dean: Albert Pisano

Departments: Bioengineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringNanoEngineering, and Structural Engineering

Programs and Centers: Institute for the Global Entrepreneur, Center for Microbiome Innovation, CaliBaja Center for Resilient Materials & Systems, Contextual Robotics Institute, CHO Systems Biology Center, Sustainable Power and Energy Center (SPEC), Center for Visual Computing, Center for Extreme Events Research, Center for Wearable Sensors, Center for Algorithmic and Systems Biology, CenterFor Energy Research, Center for Memory and Recording Research, Center for Networked Systems, The Center for Wireless Communications, Charles Lee Powell Structural Research Laboratories, Cymer Center for Control Systems and Dynamics , Information Theory and Applications Center, Institute of Engineering in Medicine, San Diego Supercomputer Center, Qualcomm Institute (UC San Diego Division of California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology), Whitaker Center for Biomedical Engineering

Dean: Steven Boggs

Departments: Chemistry & Biochemistry, Mathematics, and Physics

Programs: undergraduate programs include Cal Teach - Science and Mathematics Education, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Environmental Systems, Mathematics, Physics and graduate programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computational Science, Mathematics and Engineering, Mathematics, Materials Science, Mathematics and Science Education, Physics, Quantitative Biology

Centers: Biocircuits Institute, Center for Advanced Nanoscience, Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment, Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences, Center for Computational Mathematics, Center for NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging of Proteins, San Diego Center for Systems Biology

Dean: Robert Sullivan

Programs: Full-time MBA, FlexMBA, M.S. in Business Analytics, Master of Finance, Executive Education, Ph.D. in Management, Business Minor, Accounting Minor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor

Centers: Beyster Institute, Center for Business Analytics, Rady Behavioral Lab, The U.S.-Israel Center on Innovation and Economic Sustainability, Center for Social Innovation and Impact, California Institute for Innovation and Development (CIID)

Dean: Carol Padden

Departments: Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Communication, Economics, Education Studies, Ethnic Studies, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology

Programs: African Studies, Contemporary Issues, Critical Gender Studies, Global Health, Health Care & Social Issues, Human Development, International Studies, International Migration Studies, Language & Communicative Disorders, Latin American Studies, Law & Society, Middle East Studies, Science Studies, Science Technology & Public Affairs, and Urban Studies & Planning

Centers: African and African-American Research Center, American Politics and Institutions Project, Center for Global California Studies, Center on Global Justice, Center for African Political Economy, Center for the Study of Gender in the Professions, Center for Urban Economics, Center for Human Development, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, Center for Environmental Economics, Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies, Center for Research on Education Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence, Center for Research in Language, Center for US-Mexican Studies, Institute for Applied Economics, Institute for International, Comparative, and Area Studies, Institute for Neural Computation, Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition, Project in Cognitive and Neural Development, Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research

Academic Departments and Programs

Academic Departments and Programs *Please note that this list is inclusive of departments and programs on the total campus (General Campus, Marine Sciences, and Health Sciences)

Undergraduate Colleges

The College system at UC San Diego is a unique university structure that personalizes the delivery of services to undergraduate students. The Colleges are residential neighborhoods on campus with their own residence facilities, staff, traditions and general education requirements. Every UC San Diego undergraduate is assigned to one of six colleges when they are admitted to UC San Diego. College assignments are NOT based on major. Students may select from the full range of available majors regardless of College assignment.

Organization Chart