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Academic Affairs News

The EVC Office regularly shares updates in a newsletter to all staff in Academic Affairs units and all academics on the general campus. Be sure to check your inbox for the latest announcements, remote resources, and positive news stories from across campus. Find the most recent communications and an archive of all previous updates below. 


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Read the June 11, 2021 Newsletter to learn about the new Mentoring for All initiative, find professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, connect to helpful resources for students, and submit feedback on the new financial information system and flexible work policy for staff. Learn more. 


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Read the May 26, 2021 Newsletter for a reminder about showing compassion during finals, updates about leadership transitions in Enrollment Management, details about system-wide salary increases, new marketing and branding resources, and more. Learn more. 


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Read the May 14th, 2021 Newsletter for a reminder about fall course registration, updated guidelines for MOOCs and on-site artistic activity, as well as resources, tips, and more to help promote well-being and mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month. Learn more.



Previous Newsletters and Updates


  • Academic Affairs News (April 30, 2021): Information about the Learning/Teaching for Justice Conference, Process Palooza, a new program to support anti-racism, career development resources, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (April 16, 2021): Information about the Enhancing the Black Student Experience Symposium, staff experience and the workplace survey, new staff promotion program, professional development scholarships, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (April 2, 2021): For photos of the new downtown University Extension building, links to interactive training sessions about creating a culture of care, information about how to share your ideas about what a reimagined university workplace might look like, and more. Read the newsletter. 


  • Academic Affairs News (March 12, 2021): Tips on lecture viewing sessions, information about library services and reopening plans, Spring CCR opportunities, new graduate housing rental rates, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (February 26, 2021): Solutions and other resources for preventing burnout and staying connected with staff colleagues, invitations to register for the Educational Innovation winter expo and HSI summit, guidance for spring break, updates about test kit vending machines and vaccinations, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (February 11, 2021): Information about seminar proposals, the new Design Lab Director, upcoming Educational Innovation expo, upcoming events, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (January 29, 2021): Information about Triton Transfer Allies and peer coaches, new Senate accommodations for students, UC Path and business information system resources and support services, and details about upcoming events. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (January 15, 2021): A reminder about the state-mandated daily exposure notifications, information about Return to Learn town halls, a call for volunteers to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, upcoming events and contests, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Erasing Opportunity Gaps via Collective Impact: Read the January 8, 2021 letter from EVC Simmons inviting the Triton community to join an initiative to leverage and enhance the disparate support systems at our university to jointly improve the experience, climate, and outcomes for all of our students, staff, and faculty. Learn more. 


  • Academic Affairs News (December 17, 2020):  Information about the first weeks of Winter Quarter '21, how to help provide basic needs to students, the new weekly COVID-19 testing requirement, the future of flexible work at UC San Diego, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (December 3, 2020): Reminder about showing compassion during finals week, new office hours for instructors, upcoming talk with Shola Richards, information about available COVID-19 testing and flu vaccines, details about the annual staff holiday celebration, professional development opportunities, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (November 20, 2020): Information about the Week 8 shift from indoor instruction to remote or outdoor classrooms, advice for reflecting the impact of COVID-19 in the academic review process, details about previous and upcoming faculty town halls, guidance for fall break and the new state travel advisory, new Zoom-free Fridays, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (November 6, 2020): Information about abusive conduct by faculty, upcoming town halls, and webinars for instructors, what it means to be "First-Gen Forward," guidance about fall break, Zoom burnout, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (October 26, 2020): Important information about expectations for providing asynchronous course materials, in-person teaching options for Winter Quarter, how to sign up for tours of the new fully-equipped outdoor classrooms, Fall Quarter enrollment data, home office support for extended remote work, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (October 9, 2020): Details about safety precautions for in-person classes, guidance for addressing disruptive student behavior in the learning environment, reminders about challenges facing international students in the remote learning environment, instructors for reserving remote teaching classrooms and securing zoom licenses for large courses, and more. Read the newsletter  


  • Classroom Safety Protocols for Fall 2020 (October 6, 2020): Details about campus safety measures, including what to do if a student tests positive after attending class, or an instructor or TA becomes ill; who to contact for classroom sanitation supplies; and answers to some other frequently asked questions. Read the update


  • Welcome to Fall 2020 (October 1, 2020): Watching this video from EVC Simmons as she expresses her appreciation for the sustained efforts that have allowed UC San Diego to kick off the 2020-21 academic year and continue serving our Triton community as fully as possible. 



  • Academic Affairs News (September 25, 2020): Revamped KeepTeaching website with new and improved resources and guidance; comprehensive services and resources available to help instructors develop courses in the remote learning environment; information about the campus rapid intervention framework; new touchless printing stations, and more. Read the newsletter. 


  • Academic Affairs News (September 11, 2020): Details about outdoor classrooms, opportunity gaps in the remote learning environment, protocols and policies for compliance with campus safety requirements, details about department orders for self-cleaning supplies, process for changing course modalities, CloudLabs software, and other tech tools to support instructors, and more. Read the newsletter. 


  • Fall 2020 for Academic Affairs (September 4, 2020): What the Fall 2020 Plan and Return to Campus requirements mean for Academic Affairs employees, including information about chancellor's hiring exceptions, the process for requesting employee return to campus, resources for planning virtual events, reminders about campus safety requirements and the 25% cap on occupancy. Read the update.  


  • Academic Affairs News (August 14, 2020): Reminders about virtual advising and resources for supporting students, information about the campus financial strategy, professional development opportunities for managing remote teams, and more. Read the newsletter. 


  • Academic Affairs News (July 27, 2020):  Information related to long-term education strategies, changes to UC benefit programs, incoming faculty, self-care during COVID-19, and more. Read the newsletter. 


  • Important updates from EVC Simmons (July 16, 2020): News regarding recent federal policy changes impacting international students as well as information and resources related to flexible instruction plans for 2020-21 and R course approvals. Read the updates. 


  • Academic Affairs News (July 8, 2020):  Welcome resources for summer session instructors, information about Return to Learn town halls, updates regarding the SEVP regulations for international students, and more. Read the newsletter. 


  • Letter from EVC Simmons (June 29, 2020): Important update regarding the collaborative budget planning process. Read the letter.


  • Academic Affairs News (June 19, 2020): Kicking off summer session, changemaker faculty fellows, department tech liaisons, collaborative summer budget planning, tenure clock extension, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (June 5, 2020): Guidance for finals week, information about collaborative budget planning in response to COVID-19, the procedure for employees visiting campus, reminders about virtual commencement ceremonies, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (May 22, 2020): Information about instruction options for fall courses, reminders about preparing for summer sessions, graduate education updates, brief summaries of current task forces, and more. Read the newsletter.


  • Academic Affairs News (May 8, 2020): Information about spring teaching evaluations, tools to improve remote lectures, recommendations for remote course assessments, the new student advising site, and more. Read the newsletter.




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