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Resources for Staff 

Find more information about EVC Office administrative services and connect to other units that support UC San Diego staff employees. 

Signature Requests

Instructions for EVC Signature Items

If you require the EVC's signature on a document, please follow the steps outlined below.

Ensure that the appropriate offices have reviewed the item prior to forwarding to the EVC Office

Administrators should indicate their endorsement with their signature and date. The Executive Vice Chancellor is the institution's second-ranking officer and should be the last signatory, except for the Chancellor. Documents that have not been appropriately vetted will be re-routed as necessary.  

Include supporting documents or background materials

In addition to the endorsements of other signatories, your requests should summarize the purpose of the signature item and provide reference information to support the EVC's due diligence. 

Email the signature item to the Special Assistant to the EVC

Please direct all signature requests via email to Please include "EVC Signature Item" in the subject line and attach the document for signature along with all supporting materials. If the request is time-sensitive, please be sure to provide the deadline for signature in the subject line. 


Please contact the Special Assistant to the EVC ( for additional information. 

Chancellor Signature Requests

For documents that will ultimately require the Chancellor's signature, please refer to the instructions provided by Policy & Records Administration: 

Campus Notices

Instructions for preparing campus notices

The EVC Office is responsible for vetting any campus notice to academics. 

We review notices for content, grammatical errors, and appropriate endorsements prior to forwarding for distribution. Requests for campus notices should be directed to Kimberly Lamke Calderon (  

Policy & Records Administration is responsible for the electronic distribution of official campus notices and flyers. Please refer to their website for the campus notice index and instructions for preparing campus notices: 

Distribution Lists


The EVC Office manages several listservs for group communication purposes. Emails submitted to the listserv are reviewed and moderated by our staff. Please see below for details about the general campus listservs we manage.  

Deans includes deans of general campus divisions and schools.   

Assistant Deans includes assistant deans of general campus divisions and schools.  

Assistants to Deans includes executive assistants to divisional deans' offices. Please be sure to copy them on emails to deans and assistant deans as appropriate.    

Department Chairs includes all chairs of academic departments in general campus divisions and schools. View a directory of general campus department chairs here.   

Assistants to Department Chairs includes assistants to general campus academic department chairs. Please copy them on correspondence to department chairs as appropriate.  

  Provosts includes the provosts of our seven undergraduate residential colleges.    

Assistants to Provosts includes executive assistants to college provosts. Please copy them on correspondence to the provosts as appropriate.   

Updating contact information

We periodically update listserv memberships as we receive information about any changes. Please notify our office if you would like to update the contact information included in the listservs outlined above. Please direct your requests to


See instructions from ITS on blink for more information about managing and creating your own electronic mailing lists:


Business Support Services

As part of Academic Affairs Resource Administration, the EVC Business Office (EVCBO) provides business support services to the EVC Office and reporting units. They develop, interpret, and implement policies and procedures related to payroll and timekeeping, facilities, IT and office equipment, purchasing, travel and entertainment, and more. Visit their website ( to learn more about how EVCBO can support your business operation needs and who to contact for assistance.

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EVC Human Resources

EVC Human Resources provides staff human resource services to Academic Affairs units, including the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and Student Affairs. Visit their website ( for guidance, assistance, or resources related to HR policies, procedures, or programs.

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Staff Education & Development

UC San Diego Staff Education & Development (SED) is a multi-function division of the Campus Human Resources Department that provides organizational development consulting services and programs, instructor-led and e-learning continuing education courses, coordination of major professional development programs and processes, educational benefits, and more.

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Temporary Work Opportunity Clearinghouse

UC San Diego Temporary Work Opportunity Clearinghouse (TWOC) is a collaboration designed to bring together units that need operational support with employees who have skills and talent to offer their colleagues. Managers who need additional help in their areas can connect with the Clearinghouse and identify the nature of the help they are seeking. In parallel, supervisors with employees who have bandwidth can identify those employees by job position and skills. The Clearinghouse will look for a match and manage the connection.

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